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If you are uninspired by the constant monotony of 2D viewing, find that "Descent" lacks depth or that 3D games just aren't, well StereoGraphics have released a product to save the day. Called the SimulEyes VR, these 3D Shutter glasses offer incredible depth perception and stunning realism.

3D Shutter glasses are not a new product. StereoGraphics have been producing these type of glasses since 1980 with their flagship product, the "Crystaleyes". With a userbase of over 20,000 in both the scientific and molecular modeling industry, the Shutter glasses are a tried and tested technology that has proven to be very safe.

The SimulEyes VR glasses uses StereoGraphics' LCD shutter technology, the de facto standard in sophisticated workstation environments. The liquid crystal shutters in the glasses rapidly alternate in sync with left and right eye views on the computer monitor. The shutters ensure that the left eye sees only the left image, while the right eye sees only the right. This system effectively emulates normal eyesight to restore depth perception.

The installation of the SimulEyes VR is wickedly simple. There are no cards to install, dip switches to set, interrupts to adjust, and not even any software drivers. By simply plugging the glasses into your video card through a control box, up to four pairs can be used on the same machine.

Shipping with three items of Software, "Descent Destination Saturn", "VR Slingshot", and "Wolf 3D" , the SimulEyes VR costs approximatively US $179 making it the most affordable VR solution on the market.


The quality of the 3D from these glasses is absolutely astonishing, and the version of "Descent" that ships with the package shows just how exhilarating SimulEyes VR can be. I never got into "Descent" in a single player game, but with these glasses, I have not stopped.

Notice that in a well lit room, there is a slight flicker when looking at anything except the monitor, but reducing the lighting makes it absolutely perfect. Unlike other VR products, I have not experienced any discomfort whilst wearing them, and I sustained no headache or eye strain at all after using the glasses in "Descent" for well over an hour. There is only one thing I can say about this product, "Simply Awesome".

Written by Jere Lawrence


Overall: ****

Retail price:US $179 or AU $298

Company's address:

StereoGraphics Corporation,
2171 E. Francisco Blvd.,
San Rafael, CA 94901.

800-783-2660 US Only

Internet Support: Stereo Graphics
Web site: Stereo Graphics


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