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Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?

Cut-Down Story

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It is another typical day on the Discworld, and in the metropolis of Ankh-Morpork, someone has planted a bomb. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who know how to defuse it. Unfortunately for everyone, Rincewind the hapless magician is first on the scene. The resulting explosion not only levels part of the city, but has an unfortunate effect on Death himself.

* * *

Picture of Death
Death has disappeared. However, this hasn't stopped people shuffling off their mortal coil, and the dead are getting impatient waiting for the man with the scythe to catch up with them. In fact, funerals are thrown into disarray as the departed become bored of waiting and wander off. When Windle Poons, the Unseen University's oldest wizard, fails to pass away quietly, the Archchancellor decides to perform the rite to summon Death. Rincewind, as ever, is the dogsbody who must collect the components of the spell, accompanied only by his faithful walking luggage and freshly sharpened sarcasm.

When Death is summoned, he appears briefly, sat in a deck chair and sipping a cool drink: all he remembers is a huge explosion. Someone must get Death back on the job. Someone talented. Someone resourceful. Someone dynamic. Or failing that, someone disposable. Inevitably, it is Rincewind who lands the job.

* * *

Picture of Rincewind
Rincewind learns that Death is on the fabled continent of XXXX, but in order to get there he must convince a ferryman that he is dead, in order to join the cargo of newly deads being taken on holiday. Having done so, the world is his shellfish and Rincewind is free to visit far off locations like the exotic Djeli Beybi. Death can be found on Bonedie Beach, feeling depressed and miserable, convinced that he is of no use to society.

It occurs to Rincewind that if he makes an advert to convince the world how wonderful Death is (and hence rocket him to stardom) it's bound to cheer him up. All he needs is a crew, a set and a stunt double for Death. Once these are gathered, Rincewind can head over to a Holy Wood and begin work on the ad.

When the ad is eventually screened, the audience become Death's biggest fans. His rise to fame is meteoric and before long Death is performing in rock concerts and appearing on chat shows. There is even a range of tasteful merchandise released to cash in on his popularity. Death becomes so popular that he decides he no longer needs his day job.

He leaves the job to Rincewind.

* * *

In Death's domain, Rincewind explores Death's little cottage and encounters his somewhat sarcastic servant, Albert. Albert doesn't take to Rincewind particular well, and sets him several tasks to prove that he's up to the job. He must find himself a robe so dark you could hide black holes in it, he must master the scythe, master the art of speaking 'LIKE THIS' and he must learn to ride Death's horse, Binky.

As Rincewind learns the ropes, Death is the victim of an assassination attempt. It seems that whilst Rincewind becomes more deathly, Death is becoming mortal. In fact, he's dying. If he cannot find a way to save Death's life, he will have to harvest Death's soul and take his place forever.

It would seem that the Fountain of Youth holds the answers. Indeed it does -- but not quite in the way you might expect.

Can Rincewind save Death's life? Can Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler make a profit on the merchandising? What is the mysterious power of Holy Wood? Will Windle ever manage to stay dead? All will be revealed in the conclusion of Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?

# # #

Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? is developed by Perfect Entertainment, and published by Psygnosis.

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