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Alameda, CA, October 11, 1996 -- Spectrum Holobyte, Inc. (Nasdas National Market: SBYT) has entered into an agreement with Sony Signatures Film and Television Licensing to develop several multimedia games based on the 1997 TriStar Pictures' science fiction adventure, Starship Troopers, it was announced jointly by Stephen M. Race, chief executive officer for Spectrum Holobyte, Inc. and Kimberly LaPadula-Scardino, senior vice-president of worldwide licensing and merchandising for Sony Signatures. The first in the series of four games is in development under the MicroProse brand for Windows 95 which will be followed by a Sony PlayStation game console version.

"Starship Troopers has an intriguing plot that promises to be a compelling interactive game for the PC," said Race. "In a spectacular real time 3-D action environment, game players will have the pleasure of seeing the film's amazing creatures come to life!"

"As we build our merchandising program for the upcoming theatrical release of Starship Troopers, we felt it would be natural to develop a thrilling multimedia game based on this high action film," said Scardino. "Through our new relationship with Spectrum Holobyte, we are confident that they will create an innovative game which will appeal to the consumer marketplace."

The first of four multimedia titles based on Starship Troopers will mirror the exciting atmosphere of the movie. Combining high technology and massive firepower as described in the original book, this action game is set in the future during one of mankind's most ferocious interstellar wars. As an armored trooper in the mobile infantry, users must rise through the ranks and gain enough control of the earth forces to prevent the arachnid warriors from destroying humanity.

Acclaimed director Paul Verhoeven, whose motion pictures include the science fiction blockbuster Total Recall and the thriller Basic Instinct, reunites with the creative team behind his hit film, RoboCop for a pulse-pounding adventure that races to the outer reaches of the galaxy. In Starship Troopers, a handful of dedicated young soldiers must rise to the challenge of intergalactic warfare with a species of giant alien insects that threaten to eliminate the human race. Starship Troopers, a TriStar Pictures release, is directed by Paul Verhoeven from a screenplay by Ed Neumeier (RoboCop). Alan Marshall (Basic Instinct) and John Davison (RoboCop) are the producers.

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Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for use on CD-ROM-based personal computer systems. The company is also developing software for use on next generation console machines. The company's five development studios are Spectrum HoloByte California, Alameda, California; MicroProse Software, Hunt Valley, Maryland; MicroProse Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina; MicroProse Limited, Chipping Sodbury, England; and SimTex Software Corporation, Austin, Texas. Products are available nationally and internationally through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.

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